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Open the "Tank Liquid Inlet" slowly to get the Tank filled up with the desired liquid .The height of the liquid in the Tank should be below the red mark position mentioned on the left wall of the Tank. If the liquid filled height touches the Red mark in the tank then it will be termed as discredit for the user. Now slowly open the "tank liquid outlet", so that the liquid filled height in the tank get constant otherwise the experiment will not start(Tank Liquid Inlet rate=Tank Liquid Outlet rate ).Enter the Coil flow rate(fj)and Coil Volume(Vj) by gradually increasing it from zero. Please choose your desire liquid from the drop down menu type with their respective temperature too. Check again whether you have mention the data required for the experiment properly or not. The data must be within the suitable range otherwise the experiment will not start. The ranges are given below 

i)Flow rate of the tank should be ranged from(0.0001 - 0.01)m3/sec
ii) Flow rate of coil that should be from (0.000001- 0.0008 )m3/sec).
iii) The coil volume and it should be from (0.0001-0.04) m3
iv)The coli volume must be greater than coil volumetric flow rate
v) tank inlet temperature for water within the range of 0 to 99°C.and less than 95°C for Milk and Petrol.
vi) the coil inlet temperature for water within the range of 0 to 99°C.and less than 95°C for Milk and Petrol.
vii) The coil inlet temperature should be greater than the tank inlet temperature

Now press the Start Experiment button to start the experiment.Note down the temperature of the stirred tank at a time interval of one minute from the table located right side of the user.After the tank and the coil get into the stable state or when the simulation is over do the following thing for the post experiment evaluation

1. Plot the final temperature of the tank and coil as a function of time.
2. Calculate the time constant and fill up the box.
3. If you want to perturb, then Enter the new tank inlet temperature or the new coil inlet temperature.

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