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  1. At steady state condition in a stirred tank heater ,inlet temperature of liquid 50°F flowing into the tank at a volumetric flow rate 1 ft3/min and outlet temperature 125° F.Inlet temperature of oil 200°F flowing into the coil at a volumetric flow rate 1.5 ft3/min. Calculate the outlet temperature of oil? 
Given: ρtCpt =61 Btu/°F-ft3 , ρcCpc =65 Btu/°F-ft3 
Vt =10ft3,Vc =1ft3 UA =183.9 Btu/°F-min


  2. In a stirred tank heater ,water at a temperature 30°C flowing into the tank at a mass flow rate 5000 kg/min ,is heated by saturated steam flowing through the coil. The temperature of the saturated steam 100°C and mass flow rate 8000 kg/min. The tank volume is 20m3 and coil volume is 10m3.Calculate the outlet temperature of the tank.You may consider constant density and heat capacity.Overall heat transfer coefficient is 1800 kcal/h m2°C.


  3. Benzene is cooled at a rate of 1000 kg/h from 75°C to 50°C in a jacket side of the tank .Inlet temperature of the water in the tank is 30°C and outlet temperature 45°C.The overall heat transfer coefficient 660 w/m2 K and heat capacity of the benzene is 1.88 kj/kg °C.Calculate the mass flow rate of the tank liquid and heat transfer area?


  4. In a stirred tank liquid at a temperature Ti flowing into the tank at volumetric flow rate of F, is heated by the jacket liquid .The inlet temperature of jacket liquid is Tj and flow rate Fj. The tank volume is V and jacket volume Vj. Derive the overall mass and energy balance equation making appropriate assumption.


  5. In chemical industry hot oil is cooled by the water. Hot oil flow in the tank side and water in the jacket side. The volumetric flow rate of the oil is 1 m3/min and volumetric flow rate of water 2 m3/min. Inlet temperature of oil 150°C.Calculate the outlet temperature of oil. Inlet temperature of water is 30°C and outlet temperature 80°C.Suddenly increase the oil temperature is 20°C.Calculate the new outlet temperature of oil? Given: Cp of oil 2 kj/kg, Oil density 875 kg/m3, Volume of the tank 7m3 and volume of the jacket 4m3,overall heat transfer coefficient 600 kcal/h m2°C.

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