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  1. 1.      For an elementary reaction A+B-->products , the reaction rate at 400 K is ten times that at 300 K. Calculate the activation energy for this reaction.

  2. 2.      The elementary liquid phase reaction   A+B--> Products   With rate equation  -rA=k=k0-E/RT  isto take place in a 2 m3steady-state stirred tank reactor. Two feed stream, one containing 1 kmol A/m3 and the other containing 1.6 kmol B/m3, are to be introduced at equal volumetric flow rates into the reactor, and 75% conversion of limiting component is desired. If the activation energy of the reaction is given as 83.1 kj/mol, find the flow rate of each stream. Assume a constant density throughout.

  3. 3.      A liquid phase first order reversible reaction  is carried out in a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). Molar densities of A and B are same. Other things (such as space time, flow rate, temperature) remaining the same, a fed of a pure A to the reactor results in 40% conversion of A, while a feed of pure B results in 50% conversion of B. Estimate the reaction equilibrium constant. Assume steady state operation in both the cases.

  4. 4.        A 10 m3 CSTR is used to decompose a dilute solution of A. The decomposition is irreversible with a first order rate constant of 3.45 hr -1. 95% decomposition of A is desired. What is the required feed rate?

  5. 5.       Consider a non-isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor, in which a first order irreversible, exothermic chemical reaction A---->B is taking place. Feed material containing CA0 mol/volume of A enters the reactor at temperature T0, and constant volumetric flow rate F. Product is withdrawn from the reactor at the same volumetric flow rate F having composition CA and temperature T. The rate of heat transfer to the cooling coil is Qc (energy /time) and the reactor volume V. You may assume constant density and heat capacity of the reactor liquid. Develop the mathematical model consisting of mass and energy balance equations.


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