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Measurement of Self Inductance by Maxwell's Bridge

Objective: Measurement of self-inductance of an unknown coil.

This bridge circuit measures an inductance by comparison with variable standard self inductance. The connections for balance condition is shown in Fig. 1.

                                   Fig. 1. Maxwell Inductive Bridge. 

Let, L1= unknown inductance of resistance R1.

      L2= variable inductance of fixed resistance r2.

     R2= variable resistance connected in series with inductor L2.

    R3, R4 =known non inductive resistances. 

At balance,


L_1=\frac{R_3}{\ R_4}L_2.....(2)

R_1=\frac{R_3}{\ R_4}(R_2+r_2).....(3)

Resistor R3 and R4 are normally a selection of values from 10, 100, 1000. and 10,000\Omega . r2 is a decade resistance box. 

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