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Expt-1:DF-Part1: Digital FIR filter design and simulation
This experiment deals with FIR filter design using FDA tool of MATLAB. The student is required to specify and design an FIR low pass filter and simulate it on MATLAB.
Expt-2: DF-Part2: Fixed point Implementation of Digital FIR Filter
This experiment deals with fixed point implementation of Digital FIR Filter using C.
Expt-3: DF-Part3: MCU-DAC interfacing and generation of ramp wave
Interface DAC with 8051 microcontroller and generate a ramp signal by programming
Expt-4:DF-Part4: Interfacing of ADC and data trasnfer by software polling, study of aliasing
The ADC is interfaced with 8051 which is already interfaced with DAC. Transfer data from ADC using software polling while connecting a sine-wave generator at the input of the ADC. Send the output to the DAC and study aliasing.
Expt-5:DF-Part5: ADC triggering through timer(On Chip Timer)
This experiment explains how On-chip timer of 8051 is used to trigger the ADC
Expt-6:DF-Part6: Interrupt driven data transfer from ADC
This experiment deals with an interrupt driven data transfer method between ADC and micro controller.
Expt-7:DF-Part7 Implementation of Digital FIR Filter on 8051 Microcontroller
In this experiment a Digital FIR(Finite Impulse Response)Filter is implemented on 8051 microcontroller which has been already interfaces with ADC and DAC.
Expt-8:SM-Part1: LCD - MCU interfacing and displaying a string
This experiment deals with the interfacing of an LCD with ATMEGA16 to display a string.
Expt-9:SM-Part2 Keyboard-MCU interfacing take a input from keypad and display on LCD
This experiment deals with the the interfacing of keypad with MCU and displaying the data given from keypad on LCD screen
Expt-10:SM-Part3: Stepper Motor Control Using ATMEGA-16 Microcontroller
In this Experiment we use ATMEGA-16 microcontroller to control the speed and direction of the Stepper Motor.
Expt-11:HN-Part1: Interface a LED matrix and display a number on the matrix.
This experiment shows how to interface an LED matrix with a micro-controller and use the same to display patterns on the matrix with a delay.
Expt-12:HN-Part2: Interfacing 4x4 switch matrix with the microcontroller
In this experiment we will interface a switch matrix and then generate patterns that can be viewed in the LED matrix.
Expt-13:HN-Part3: Implementation of Hopfield network in C to recognize a simple ASCII character.
This experiment deals with the design of an Hopfield Network in C to recognise the patterns of '1' and '0'
Expt-14:HN-Part4: Implementation of Hopfield Network on ATMEGA-16 microcontroller
This experiment deals with the design and implementation of Hopfield network on ATMEGA-16 micro controller for recognizing the pattern of '0' and '1'.
Expt-15:SC: Serial Communication between micro controller and PC
This experiment deals with the communication of data serially between micro controller and computer's terminal or vice-verse with the help of MAX232 chip.
Expt-16:TC: Temperature control using ATmega16
This experiment deals with regulating temperature of a closed chamber by controlling the fan and heater using ATMEGA16 micro controller.
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