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1)How many joints are used to connect the body of a slider crank Mechanism?

2)A Slider Crank is a type of Mechanism 

3)The total degrees of freedom of the whole system is 

4)Rigid bodies connected by joints in order to accomplish a desired force and/or motion transmission is known as  

5)In order for the crank to rotate fully the condition must be satisfied where R is the crank length,L is the length of the link connecting crank and slider and E is the offset of slider. 

6)Kinematic inversion of sldier crank mechanisms produce ordinary an  

7)How many revolute joints does a Slider Crank Mechanism have? 

8)How many PRISMATIC Joints does a Slider Crank Mechanism have? 

9)The Slider-crank mechanism is used to transform rotational motion into translational motion. 

10)Which of the following is an example of slider crank mechanism 


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