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Powder sample preparation for SEM analysis


The main objective of this experiment is to demonstrate different powder sample preparation techniques for SEM examination.



1. Use powder free nitrile gloves to handle sample holders or stubs.
2. Make sure that the stubs are oil and dirt free (ultrasonically clean before using).

Two different approached would be used for powder sample preparation 
If particle size is more than1μm


1 A pinch of the powder is sprinkled gently with a spatula on the Carbon tape.  
2 The stub is tapped to remove the very loosely held powder  
3 A blower is then used to remove the extra particles.                      
4 A drier is further used to make sure of the removal of any other loose particles and also drying of the moisture content if any.                      



If particle size is less than1μm



1 A small amount of powder is added in solvents such as ethanol and ultrasonicated for dispersion.  
2 A small amount of suspension is taken from the suspension and is dropped on the carbon tape sticked on the stub.   
3 It is then kept for about 5 to 10 minute under infrared lamp for drying.                 


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