Computer Science & Engineering

Programming & Data Structures
Programming & Data Structures

New Link For Programming & Data Structures Virtual Laboratory
Computer Organization & Architecture Virtual Laboratory
Developed by: Dr. Chittaranjan Mandal, Email:, Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Carry Lookahead Adders || Ripple Carry Adder || Design of Registers and Counters || Wallace Tree Adder || Combinational Multiplier || Arithmatic Logic Unit || New Link For Computer Organization & Architecture Virtual Laboratory
Advanced Network Technologies Virtual Lab
Advanced Network Technologies Virtual Lab

Basics of Network Simulation || Simulating a Typical LAN || Measuring Network Performance || Designing of SONET/SDH System || Simulating a WiFi Network || Simulating a WiMax Network || Simulating a Mobile Adhoc Network || Simulating a Wireless Sensor Network || Setting up a Bluetooth Network || Setting up a ZigBee Network and studying a few protocols || New Link For Advanced Network Technologies Virtual Laboratory
Software Engineering Virtual Lab
The aim of Software Engineering Virtual Lab is to impart state-of-the-art knowledge on Software Engineering and UML to users in an interactive manner through the Web.

Identifying the requirements from problem statements || Estimation of project metrics || Modeling UML use case diagram & capturing use case scenarios || E-R modeling from the problem statements || Identifying domain classes from the problem statements || Activity & statechart modeling || Modeling UML class diagram & collaboration diagrams/sequence diagrams || Modeling DFD || Estimation of test coverage metrics & structural complexity || Designing test suite || New Link For Software Engineering Virtual Laboratory
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