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Developed by : Dr. D Chakravarty, Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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Calibration of Inclined Tube Manometer by the use of Askania Minimeter
To calibrate the given inclined tube manometer using Askania Manometer and differential pressure cal.
Familiarization with Assmann Psychrometer and Estimation of Psychrometric Properties of Mine
Estimation of psychrometric properties and use of psychrometry
Establishment of the Relationship between Kata Cooling Power and Air Velocity
To study the change in Wet Kata Cooling Power (WKCP) with changes in velocity
Determination of Shock Pressure Loss in Presence of Tub and Estimation of Drag coefficient.
Determine the drag loss due to obstruction, shock loss due to bands or tubs.
Determination of Frictional Co-efficient of Mine Airways
To determine the frictional co-efficient of mine airways.
Determination of method factor for a duct.
To determine method factor for a Duct
Calibration of Orifice Plate
To obtain the method through precise traversing in the fan testing duct setup for different flow conditions, and to plot the nature of velocity profile.
Precise Traversing in a Duct using Pitot Tube
The purpose of this experiment is to finding the velocity profile of air flow in a ventilation duct and estimation of average velocity of air from the different point measurements in a cross-section.
Performance Evaluation of Mine Evasee Present in a Ventilation System
To determine the performance of an evasee by finding the velocity of air-flow with the evasee attached and without it.
Fan Rating Test
The objective of the experiment is the determination of fan characteristics such as finding out the fan static and total pressures, power input to the fan and total efficiency of the fan for various flow rates at the rated speed.
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