Rotating Machinery Fault Simulation

Developed by : Dr V.N.A.Naikan, Institute: Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur

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Machinery Soft-Foot
Machinery soft foot is a phenomenon that occurs on machines fitted on foundation with four bolts. One of the bolts will be slightly above compared to the plane containing other three bolts. This is known as soft foot. This results in high vibration of th
Diagnosis of Shaft Misalignment and its Effects
Misalignment is an important problem of rotating systems. Shaft misalignment is a condition in which to coupled shafts are not rotating with respect to a common axis. Misalignment can be identified by vibration monitoring of the system. The objective of t
Static Balancing Studies of Rotary Systems
Rotational Static Unbalance Static Unbalance Studies
Oil Whirl Monitoring
Rotor imbalance is one of the most important problems in rotating systems. Several factors contribute to these problems. In static imbalance, the rotor will have a preferred position when it is in static condition. That means, the rotor will always rest w
Mechanical Looseness
Bearing Defects of Various Types
Bearings are the most important components of rotating systems. Various types of defects are found in bearings. These defects can be diagnosed by vibration monitoring. This experiment aims at virtually creating defects in the bearings and trying to diagn
Sympathetic Vibrations and its Effects
Effects of Bent Shafts on Rotor Performance
Bent shaft or Bowed rotor is a serious defect of rotating systems. Dynamically this condition is similar to static imbalance which generates huge force resulting system failure. This condition can be diagnosed by vibration monitoring. High vibration ampli
Effect of Static Unbalance on Design Reliability
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