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Evaluation Quiz for SEM

1. What is the difference between eV and V ?

2. Detector used for detection of Secondary electrons.

Everhart thornley detector
Back scattered electron detector


3. Which mode of imaging is also known as Z contrast imaging ?

BSE mode
SE mode


4. Which type of sample can be analysed through SEM ?

Metallic sample
Non-metallic sample
All of the above


5. The range of vaccum inside the specimen chamber :

10-7 torr
10-5 torr  
10-9 torr
10-4 torr


6. The range of vaccum inside the electron gun chamber :

10-7 torr
10-5 torr  
10-9 torr
10-4 torr


7. EDS analysis is applicable for which element ?

Heavier element
lighter element
atomic number more than boron
atomic number less than boron


8. When EDS detector is on then at that time the CCD camera should be off. Why ?
9. What is the current range for Beam ?

30 µA
160 µA
100 µA

10. Which electron carries highest energy ?

Back scattered electron
Secondary electrons
Auger electrons


11. Why is Copper used as standard for calibration in EDS detector ?
12. Why is SE mode imaging preferable for fracture surface ?
13. You are provided with SEM but not with ESEM. How will you do the imaging for a living being like an ant?
14. Between heavier element and lighter element, which will look brighter in BSE mode and why ?

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