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Evaluation Quiz for XRD

True /False:

1. Copper target can be used as an X-ray source for copper based samples.

2. Characteristic XRD plot is Intensity vs Wavelength.



Short Answer Questions (2-3 lines):

1. Estimate the interplanar spacing for (111) plane in copper having a lattice parameter of 3.4 Angstrom.

2. State Bragg’s Law of Electron Diffraction.




1. X-rays are produced when:

     a. Metal gets converted to ions

     b. High speed electrons or ions collide with metal 

     c.  The glass tube gets heated

     d. All of the above


2. The structure factor sequence “s” for a BCC Lattice is:

     a. 1,2,3,4

     b. 3,8,11,16

     c. 2,4,6,8

     d. 3,4,7,8



Fill in the blanks:

1. ___________ element is used as cathode in X-Ray tube.

2. ___________ peaks are used for precise lattice parameter estimation.

3. ___________ peaks are used for residual  stress analysis.

4. ___________ peaks are used for texture analysis.

5. XRD analysis for steel sample cannot be performed using ________ anode/target.


Long Answer Questions (10-12 lines):

1. Why is it called X-ray Diffraction and not X-ray Interference?

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