Plant Metabolic Pathways Virtual Laboratory

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Study accumulation of secondary metabolites in plants
Understand the nature, tempo-spatial accumulation of flavonoids in plants
Demonstrate the extraction and qualitative and quantitative estimation of secondary metabolites
Understand plant preparation and nature of solvent systems for extraction of flavonoids. Identify the type of compounds in plant extracts and estimate their amounts in a given tissue/condition.
Apply protocols to see how the accumulation of metabolites changes
Use different solvent systems for each plant tissue and understand the isolation and identification of flavonoids
Demonstrate plant genetics by the accumulation pattern of secondary metabolites in plants
Understand the genetic basis of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway by the nature, type and analysis of mutants of the pathway
Purification and derivatization of secondary metabolites from plants
Understand the purification of major flavonoid/anthocyanins in plants
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